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Golden shower reception

Golden rain reception performed by prostitutes in Lviv: for those who love power and unlimited fun 


Truly exquisite, erotic, bold look of sexual pleasure for many is still a real taboo. At the same time, for those who at least once have experienced one of the oldest methods of satisfaction, it became a real addiction. 

One of the favorite services provided by the girls with sexlviv is the Golden shower receiving. Due to its unique, incomparable emotions produced in the process, but also for his calling, exhilarating, extravagant style. 


What could be more exciting than the realization that you have been breaking the rules of sex, break stereotypes, break the face of the acceptable, for the sake of unearthly delights? 


Elite prostitutes in Lviv can fulfill all the desires 

Our beauty love masterful, confident men who know how to subdue and dominate in sex. They crave to be dependent, powerless in the hands of their Master. Love to command and see how you admire? 


Unique, outstanding service, Golden shower reception will allow each client: 


  1. Feel the unlimited power. 
  2. To have full control over what's happening, to control the body and thoughts of the female partner. 
  3. Enjoy obedience and devotion obedient, sweet prostitutes in Lviv, which will entirely belong to you alone. 
  4. Relax your body and soul. 

Expand your potential, surrender to animal instincts, get what you want at any time thanks to the tireless, uninhibited Babes with sexlviv! 


Ready to enjoy an unforgettable sex adventure in Lviv? 

Service Golden shower receiving available both at home and away. It can be presented as a separate entertainment or as an addition to sex or foreplay enchanting completion. 

You decide! Experiment with positions, places, decorate the sweet process of passionate sexual role-playing game. 

Choose online any prostitute of your choice, to help you implement a hot fantasy. 

Our every girl has three essential qualities: 


  • Professionalism 
  • Mind-blowing beauty 
  • Boundless imagination. 

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