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Don't be surprised if you are not satisfied with casual sex. Variety and entertainment with the "spice" is a natural need of the modern man. Listen to your desires – arrange for a small celebration of passion and debauchery in the company of elite prostitutes in Lviv. 


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Ready for adventure? Then it's time to choose a companion that will show you the night side of Lviv is full of temptation and pleasure. Innocent flirting, hot Striptease, relaxing massage – you choose the plot of today's entertainment. But to start the game now. The rules are simple – open the profiles of our girls and decide the necessary parameters and services. For you charming blondes, delightful brunettes, hot redheads. 


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  1. Men with good taste will appreciate the passionate private dances and lesbian shows. 
  2. Like games with disguises? Then you will be pleased with sexy stewardesses, relaxed girl-cops, Playboy bunnies and nurses, ready to provide first aid. 
  3. I wish to access facets of BDSM culture? You will be led into the world of debauchery daring lady, opening new possibilities of your body and imagination. 
  4. Want to dominate and control? Meet one of our slaves, who will not refuse good spanking. 
  5. Tired of the standard entertainment and want to play a passive role? How about a brace or trampling? 

Elite whores know what the client needs, so they are always comfortable, interesting and safe. 


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One or two hours with our prostitutes are always small. And after the first meeting you will definitely want to become a regular customer. Prostitutes in Lviv delightful, because they have: 


  • Luxurious body. The girls constantly watch themselves. They like to feel like Queens and feel excited glances of men. 
  • Expensive suits. Erotic outfits, can turn the head is an integral part of their style. 
  • Accessories. Bandages, whips, handcuffs, gags, clamps – they have something to surprise you. 
  • Looseness. They are capable of much. With some of the girls you can arrange for a photo video shooting. 
  • Skills. They know many positions and techniques are great dancers and unique massages. 

Erotic games – a whole world of sexual pleasure that is worth a try!